Shishani and Friends Making a Splash in Windhoek

Check out some pics (courtesy of Nawazone) and a great article (below as well) from Martha Mukaiwa of DSTV of a night of love and revolution with Shishani and some her friends. Be sure to stay on the lookout for new media and music from Shishani.  


All pictures in this post from  Nawazone

All pictures in this post from Nawazone

Article from Martha Mukaiwa @ DSTV: 

Love is the movement for Shishani and Friends

Phil Collins couldn’t hurry it; The B-52’s found some in a shack in Georgia and The Beatles believe it’s all you need. 


A many splendid thing, and if Namibia’s foremost singers and poets are to believed, it is also a light, a cure and a movement able to raise awareness and up involvement in the struggle against the various social and economic issues plaguing society.  

Right in the middle of this revolution is Shishani Vranckx, who recently returned from Europe.

She hardly had time to unpack before teaming up with music mover-and-shaker and spirited MCAshante Manetti to bring Windhoek a concert about love, altruism, camaraderie and activism. 

Interestingly billed as Shishani & Friends, complete with the theme of Love is the Movement, the concert took place at The Warehouse Theatre last Friday.

It featured the outstanding poetic and lyrical likes of TONETiC, Playshis the Poet, Lize Ehlers,Miss H,  Outspoken’s Tangeni as well as Toshi, Keith Vries, Lézeez and Truth. 

With every ear catered for and plenty of the city’s favourites on the same stage, the show became an intimate occasion aimed at generating funds and securing donations for Straatlig, Uyelele, African Image Design & Events, Outspoken, The Peace Collection as well as the local children’s hospital.  

The entertainment was vibrant and varied without losing any of the candlelit intimacy that bathed the full house in a receptive and revolutionary hue as people watched some of Windhoek’s finest present their finest.   

Performing pieces alternately critical and encouraging of society but with love at the core, artists also got more personal with items about self love, love for your fellow man and that ever integral love of life in a concert that set social media abuzz with heartfelt kudos. 

“The show was about bringing people together - both the artists and the audience- while showing the audience and ourselves that we can make a difference if we stand together,” says Shishani.

Shishani added that the response was amazing and the audience enjoyed the different artists. 

“Every performer was strong in what they did and represented and I think the feeling of spreading hope and coming together was the main and most beautiful feeling experienced that night.”

As for everyone on the bill being her friend, Shishani doesn’t shy away from any associations explaining that though individuals are from different backgrounds they are fighting for the same cause, “to spread love and light around us.” 

“Everyone who performed is truly a friend of mine. I got to know them through my admiration of them as performers and what’s special about the collective is our diversity.”

“We believe in the power of our actions, our art and we believe in the unity of people. We are all about passing on light, hope, courage and love.”

Ever gracious and galloping on to the next thing, Shishani can be seen this Saturday, 28 September at MISA Namibia’s Right to Know event at The Warehouse Theatre and then at Nice on 16 October in collaboration with TONETiC.