NEW VIDEO: Kalahari Journey I

Video compilation from our first visit to the Kalahari in November 2016. The journey took us to villages: //Xa /oba, Nhoma & Nama Pan where we celebrated and exchanged music with the beautiful people we met. We are very grateful to the Goethe Institute in Windhoek for making this trip possible. This is part of a music research project in collaboration with the Museums Association of Namibia & Unesco.

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"Shishani & Namibian Tales" debut album chosen by the jury of - Netherlands, as best album of the year 2016!!!

The debut album of Shishani & the Namibian Tales “Itaala” was chosen as the best produced release in the Netherlands. As Ton Maas writes in his review: “Rough guitar sounds confront fleshy percussion. Itaala is Shishani’s mindful homage to Namibia, the country where her mother is from, that she is still discovering.”

The top 5 produced albums from the Netherlands: 
1. Shishani & the Namibian Tales - Itaala
2. Nynke Laverman - Wachter
3. Ragazze Quartet, Kapok, Slagwerk Den Haag – Four Four Three
4. Zuco 103 - Etno Chic
5. Boi Akih - Liquid Songs

Thanks to a great team: Sjahin During producing the album artistically & musically, musicians Debby Korfmacher & Bence Huszar, recordings at Wedgeview Studios, engineer Marc Schots & mixing by Chris Weeda. Distribution by Xango Music.