Image by Paolo Schneider

Shishani is a talented singer-songwriter loved for her smooth and powerful voice. Her roots are Namibian and Belgian in origin, but she grew up mainly in the Netherlands. In her work she bring these worlds together. Her vocal style has been influenced by Afro-American and African music traditions, giving her a truly unique sound. Her music is comforting and has a thread of strong social consciousness running through it. 

Her song “Minority” garnered two nominations at the Namibian Annual Music Awards (2012). She has also been credited with a host of awards, both locally and internationally including winner of "Last Band Standing" (Namibia, 2012) & singer-songwriter competition "Mooie Noten" (Netherlands, 2013). She was a finalist in the prestigious Radio France International Discovery Awards (2014).

A year later, Shishani joined forces with Sjahin During (percussionist & producer) and together created “Namibian Tales”, an acoustic Amsterdam-based quartet diving into the musical traditions of Namibia. In 2016, the quartet won Best World Music Album from Netherlands with their debut album "Itaala" and they have been touring internationally since. In June 2017, the Namibian Tales quartet traveled to the Kalahari desert to collaborate with four women from the San (“Bushmen”) community in Namibia. Together they performed and recorded the album "Kalahari Encounters"  which again won Best World Music Album 2017 in the Netherlands. In July 2018, Namibian Tales & the San ladies had a succesfull album release tour through Europe.

During her career, Shishani has performed internationally at events such as: Africa Festival in Wurzburg (Germany), Glastonbury Festival (UK), Lake of Stars (Malawi), Roots Open Air Festival (Netherlands) and in numerous other countries including France, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Greece, Italy, India, Morocco, Jordan, Kenya, South Africa, and her home countries, Netherlands, Belgium and Namibia.

Shishani has also spearheaded various arts initiatives in Namibia focusing on social upliftment. She is a founder of ARTNAM; advocating for the promotion of Namibian arts.

In her work as an anthropologist (BA) & musicologist (MA) she has specialised in contemporary urban Namibian music. She has written on this topic for the Bloomsbury Encyclopedia of Contemporary Music of the World, Music in Africa, and most recently the book The Changing Faces of Aawambo Music Arts was launched. Together with the Namibian Tales quartet, Shishani is collaborating with UNESCO and the Museums Association of Namibia on safeguarding cultural heritage through archiving and producing new music in collaboration with San communities in Namibia.

Shishani means ‘crown’ in Oshiwambo, one of Namibia's native languages.